SECS-P/08 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

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Learning Objectives

The corse in International Business pursues the following goals:

1. Knowledge and understanding: The corse in International Business aims to provide students with the theoretical knowledge required to formulare decisions regarding international firms and their internationalization processes, as much as the marketing policies to employ abroad.

2. Applying knowledge and understanding: The corse in International Business aims to help students develop the capabilities to apply concepts and analytical instruments in real international, entrepreneurial contexts. In particular, the course aims to develop knowledge regarding the formulation of global competitive strategies, the firm's internationalization process, the new markets' entry strategy. The approach is inductive; starting from concrete experiences and real cases analysis, students will be able to recall the concepts examined during the course and apply them to the various contexts through the preparation of an international marketing plan.

3. Making judgements: students will acquire authonomy of evaluation with regard to the main strategy and market implications connected to the different international decisions adopted abroad.

4. Communication skills: The corse in International Business is also meant to develop communication skills related to the use of a technical language/jargon typical of the international business domain.

5. Learning skills: Content learning is favored by the use of experiences and real examples, and by the use of the main theoretical models created by management academics.

Course Structure

Class lectures, working groups and class analysis of case studies.

Textbook Information

Bursi, Galli, “Marketing Internazionale”, McGraw-Hill Education - Italy 2012.

1. Rapporto ICE 2019-20, “L’Italia nell’Economia Internazionale Capp 1 e 2

2. Supplementary material posted by the instructor (avalilable at Studium - Documenti or at the DEI's library).

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