GEO/03 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Understanding the methods and ability in mapping geological-technical units

Understanding the methods and ability in interpreting and using surface and subsurface data in costructing geological-technical cross-sections

Expertise in correctly representing geological-technical data on map and ability in filing them.

Course Structure

The course consists of 21 hours dedicated to the planning of field activities and theory on the techniques in geological-technical mapping. Lectures and extracurricular seminars are also provided on filing geological information by GIS software.

The course also provides 36 hours of field activities in the surroundings of an urban area with the objective to reconstruct the geological model by acquisition of surface data to combine with subsurface information by bore-hole logs.

If the course will be held partially or totally online, due to the pandemic, some variations in the following list of contents could be necessary

Detailed Course Content

Criteria and methods in defining the geological-technical units and expertise on the field in mapping them;

Criteria and methods for interpreting geological and geophysical data and their use in constructing geologial-technical maps;

Criteria and methods for constructing geologial-technical maps;

Expertise on the field in constructing geological-technical maps;

Criteria and methods for constructing geological-technical cross-sections;

Criteria and methods in programming and performing geologal-technical surveys.

Textbook Information

Giorgio Cremonini - Rilevamento Geologico, Ed. Pitagora

Corrado Venturini - Realizzare e leggere carte e sezioni geologiche, Ed. Flaccovio

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