M-PSI/01 - 10 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Palazzo Ingrassia, via Biblioteca 2, I° piano
Phone: 0952508060
Office Hours: lunedì dalle 15 alle 17, mercoledì 10-12. In caso di persistenza Covid-19 è possibile prendere appuntamento via email per fissare degli incontri con l'ausilio della piattaforma microsoft teams.

Learning Objectives

The primary objective is to promote the knowledge of the main topics of General Psychology through a scientific, educational and informative cut in order to present to the student the integration of the different biological, psychological and environmental factors that make up the Psychological themes. Will be discussing the main adaptive problems. The goal is to allow students to improve the ability to learn and analyze the main thematic areas.

Course Structure

Teaching involves frontal lessons.

Detailed Course Content

The following topics will be analysed: nature of psychology, behavioral genetics, perception, attention and consciousness, learning and the role of experience, memory, thought and reasoning, language, emotions, motivations, intelligence. they will be treated main adaptive problems faced by the human: survival, mating, parenting and group life (cooperation, aggression and social hierarchies), explaining the theoretical background and providing the student with concrete examples of recent empirical research.

Textbook Information

Nigel Holt, Andy Bremner, Ed Sutherland, Michael Vliek, Micheal Passer, Ronald Smith, Italian Edition by Tessa Marzi and Andrea Peru (2019). General Psychology - understand the mind by observing behavior, SECON EDITION, Mc Graw Hill Education, Milan. The chapters to be studied are: Chap 1 (pag. 1-42); Chap 3 (pag. 87-123); Chap. 4 (pag. 125-166); Chap. 5 (pag. 167-223);Chap. 6 (pag. 225-283); Chap. 7 (pag. 285-337); Chap. 8 (pag. 339-394); Chap. 9 (pag. 395-417); Chap. 10 (pag. 419-450); Chap. 11 (pag. 451-489); Chap. 12 (pag. 491-529); Chap. 13 (pag. 531-571); Chap. 14 (pag. 573-594), Chap. 15 (pag. 595-647).

David M. Buss, Evolutionary Psychology, 5 / Ed., Pearson eText, Pearson (2012). Three chapters chosen by the student among: Cap 1 (pag. 1-33); Cap 2 (pag. 34-60); Cap. 3 (pag. 61-90); Cap. 4 (pag. 91-121); Cap. 5 (pag. 123-150); Cap. 6 (pag. 151-178); Cap. 7 (pag. 179-198); Cap. 8 (pag. 199-225); Cap. 9 (pag. 227-245); Cap. 10 (pag. 247-275); Cap. 11 (pag. 277-296).

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