ICAR/08 - 10 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: p.zza Federico di Svevia Siracusa
Phone: 09317445221
Office Hours: lunedi 18-19; martedi 12-13

Learning Objectives

To show the structural response and the preliminary design of structures and structural components of architectural systems under stati forces.

Course Structure

Classroom Lectures, homework middle and finale exams.

If blended teaching should be required, all the necessary measures will be introduced

Detailed Course Content

Introduction-Concept of Stress: Equilibrium of deformable body, average normal and shear stress, bearing stress, allowable stress, factor of safety, deformation-

Stress and Strain - Axial Loading: Normal and shear strain, the tension test, Hooke's law, Poisson's ratio, elastic deformation of axially loaded members, principle of superposition, statically indeterminate axially loaded member,thermal stress.

Pure Bending: Shear and moment diagrams, the flexure formula, eccentric axial loading, un-symmetric bending.

Shearing Stress in Beams and Thin-Walled Members: The shear formula, shear stresses in beams, shear flow in built-up members.

Torsion​: The torsion formulas.

Transformation of Stress and Strain: Mohr's circle, failure criteria, state of stress caused by combined loading

Deflection of Beams:The elastic curve, slope and displacement by integration method, Mohr analogy.

Textbook Information

F. Beer, E. Russell Johnston Jr., J. T. DeWolf, D.F. Mazurek: “Mechanics of Materials" , McGraw Hill Education

R.C. Hibbeler: “Mechanics of Materials", Pearson.

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