L-OR/21 - 9 CFU - Annual Tuition

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The student is expected to be able to master the basic elements of Chinese language: syntax, writing, reading and comprehension of texts; he is also expected to be able to read and write approximately 900 characters and read some text in traditional characters. The student is expected to achieve roughly the 3rd level of proficiency of the HSK, Chinese Language Proficiency Test (汉语水平考试).

Course Structure

Lectures workshops and in-course tests.

Detailed Course Content

- complex syntactic-grammatical structures.

- reading literary, journalistic and academic texts.

- reading and comprehension of texts in traditional characters extrapolated from modern literature.

- Preparation for the HSK exam, level 4.

- listening exercises.

- writing exercises.

Textbook Information

1) Boya Chinese Quasi Intermediate I (Boya Hanyu Zhun Zhongji Jiasu Pian) (Second Edition), Peking University Press; Second Edition edizione (1 novembre 2012)

2) Testi forniti in classe e su Studium dalla docente.

3) Feng Tang, Palle imperiali, Orientalia, 2020.

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