MED/28 - 8 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

1) to teach to the students the craniofacial growth; the discrepancies of maxillary and mandibular bone on the three space planes; the cephalometric analysis, examination of the space analysis in order to provide a correct orthodontic diagnosis of dento-skeletal pathologies of craniofacial complex (to distinguish I class from the II and from the III); identify asymmetry, impacted teeth, dental agenesis, dental overcrowding).


2) To know which are braces and orthopedic implants and how they act in the oral cavity.

Course Structure

lessons in presence. Should teaching be carried out in mixed mode or remotely, it may be necessary to introduce changes with respect to previous statements, in line with the programme planned and outlined in the syllabus.

Detailed Course Content

I. Radiographic examination

• Mention about cranium posterior-anterior teleradiography

• Intraoral radiography

• Hand radiography

• Photograph examination:

o Intraoral and extra oral photograph

o Classification of oral disharmony acc. To RICKETTS

II. Therapy

• Treatment Goals:

a) Basic:

1. Centre line

2. Occlusal transverse connection

3. Rotation

4. Mesiodistal inclination

5. Neuromuscular function

6. Included teeth

7. Dento-dental disharmonies

b) Complex:

1. Space

2. Shape (1:APO)

3. Dental OVJ

4. Dental OVB

5. Skeletal class (or OVJ S)

6. Skeletal vertical dimension

7. Mesiodistal occlusion connection

III. Orthodontic therapy

• Introduction

• Removable devise: retentive elements, active elements

• Fixed device: retentive elements as

a) Brackets: types and cementing techniques

b) Rubber band: I, II, III classes, verticals, crisscrossed

c) Headgear

d) Biomechanics of I class with extraction acc. To RICKETTS

e) Biomechanics of II class without extraction

f) WILSON bimetric arch

IV. Orthopedic therapy

• Orthopedic headgear:

a) Introduction

b) Direct headgear: chin cup

c) Indirect headgear: low-pull, high-pull, straight pull, vertical headgear, DELAIRE headgear (inverted headgear), HICKHAM headgear, combined headgear (T. E. Activator)

• Functional orthopedic therapy

o Definition

o Pronciples

o Classification of Herbst

a) Activator of I generation (Andersen)

b) Activator of II generation (Bionator, Bimier)

c) Activator of III generation (Frankel)

V. Contention

• Introduction

• Lingual arch (fixed device)

• Removable devices

a) Hawley plates

b) Metallic skeletal plates

c) Crozat braces

d) Activator

e) Positioner (introduction and set up)

Textbook Information

Ortodonzia moderna

di William R. Proffit, Henry W. Fields, David M. Sarver

Editore: Elsevier

Open in PDF format Versione in italiano