SPS/10 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

To transmit theoretical and methodological skills to students to analyze and interpret the main issues concerning cities, populations and territories in contemporary society, proposing a comparative and evolutionary key and future scenarios.

Course Structure

Teaching - using the TEAMS platform - will focus on face-to-face lessons, seminary activities on specific topics, case study research and possibly the development of individual and/or group projects. In addition to the oral exposition of the topics covered, the lecturer will use computer and audiovisual media.

Frequency is not required. There is no intermediate test. Group/individual work is planned to explore certain issues; these works will be an integral part of the examination.

Detailed Course Content

URBAN LANDSCAPES AND SOCIAL-TERRITORIAL MUTATION. The module explores the following themes: a) urban regeneration models: social innovation practices and integrated development of the territory in European cities; b) Strategic planning: towards a procedural and communicative rationality, towards a return to the rules, towards greater social inclusion.

SOCIOLOGY AND POLICIES FOR TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT. The module explores the following themes: a) governance processes and policies for cities; b) participation: the social and spatial dimensions, the tools, the design of participatory practices.

Textbook Information

S. SETTIS, Architettura e democrazia. Paesaggio, città, diritti civili, Einaudi, Torino, 2017.

E. FINOCCHIARO, Visioni della città fra radicamento territoriale e globalizzazione, Bonanno Editore, Acireale-Roma, 2014.

D. CIAFFI, A. MELA, La partecipazione. Dimensioni, spazi, strumenti, Carocci editore, Roma, 2006.

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