ING-IND/16 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

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Detailed Course Content

ERP, Supply Chain Management, Aggregate Planning, Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning, Lean Management, Health Care Management, Portfolio Optimization

Textbook Information

  1. Bozarth, Introduction to Operations And Supply Chain Management, Pearson
  2. Pinedo, Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing and Service, Springer
  3. Kibum Kim, Iksoo Song, Juyong Kim, Bongju Jeong Supply planning model for remanufacturing system in reverse logistics environment, Computers & Industrial Engineering 51 (2006) 279–287
  4. Antonio Costa, Giovanni Celano, Sergio Fichera, Enrico Trovato A new efficient encoding/decoding procedure for the design of a supply chain network with genetic algorithms. Computers & Industrial Engineering 59 (2010) 986–999
  5. Shih-Chang Wanga, Ming-Feng Yeh A modified particle swarm optimization for aggregate production planning, Expert Systems with Applications 41 (2014) 3069–3077
  6. John S. Toussaint, MD, and Leonard L. Berry, PhD. The Promise of Lean in Health Care 2013 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Mayo Clin Proc. 2013;88(1):74-75.
  7. B. Roland, C. Di Martinelly a, F. Riane Y. Pochet. Scheduling an operating theatre under human resource constraints. Computers & Industrial Engineering 58 (2010) 212–215 (par 2,3)
  8. Hamid Reza Golmakani , Mehrshad Fazel Constrained Portfolio Selection using Particle Swarm Optimization, Expert Systems with Applications 38 (2011)
  9. David Ruppert, Statistics and Data Analysis for Financial Engineering cap 11.1-11.5, 16.1, 16.2 Springer
  10. Notes and slides of the Professor

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