ING-IND/14 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

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Detailed Course Content

Logic diagrams; The principle; the goal; The qualitative realization; schemes logical; The quantitative realization; positioning; constraint;

motion transmission; Transformation of motion; Theory of TRIZ; problem solving; inventive principles (Patent knowlegde); Axiomatic design; Creativity Templates; morphological forced connections; Closed-end, Open- end; Designing in total quality; Green Design; he assessment enviroment Impact;7the design process; Organization of staff; Strategy of continuous improvement; functional modeling of the articles; Principles of structural design; Failure prevention and evaluation of product; Sizing of components; design for environment aggressive; Modular design with wear products; Green Design; Echo design; Explanation and understanding of total; Examples ofdesign. Problem solving.

The development of new products; planning of new products; stages ofprocess development; identification of customer needs; the specifications ofproduct; of the product concept definition; the concept selection; Test of the concept; The product architecture; industrial design; modularity and integration; Standardization; prototyping; The House of Quality. Evolution of design and integrated design process; Introduction Design for X; Design for Assembly (the method of setting and development).

Types and properties of engineering materials; Choice of materials in the design process; Ashby method for the selection of materials (Selection of the kinds of problems, screening and ranking, performance indexes, form factors, processes of selection); Tools for the selection multi-target; Introduction to the use of the Cambridge Engineering Software

Selector (CES); Case studies.

Boothroyd & Dewhurst); Design for Manufacture (approach and tools).

Textbook Information

1.Metodi per la Progettazione Industriale, G.Biggioggero, E.Rovida; McGraw-Hill

2.Progettazione e sviluppo di prodotto, K.T.Ulrich, S.D.Eppinger, R. Filippini;


3. La scelta dei Materiali nella progettazione Industriale, Michael F. Aschby, Ambrosiana

4. Slide Course

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