M-STO/04 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

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Learning Objectives

Knowledge and understanding skills

Students will have to demonstrate that they have acquired a general understanding of the great events that took place in Europe from the Second World War to the present day, linking them to the history of the peoples on the move, the wide range of motivations that lead to migration and a specific competence of the 20th century's period of time.

Students will need to demonstrate their ability to relate critically and consciously to historiography and documentary sources related to international migration, developing original interpretations, on the connections between European and international history in relation to migration phenomena.

Communication skills:

Through the writing (short essays, theses, critical readings) and oral discussion, students will have to demonstrate the acquisition of specific communication skills: mastery of the disciplinary lexicon, the ability to understand the relationships of cause and effect between historical events, to clearly expose the events of the 20th century, to argue original ideas and interpretations on the crucial junctions regarding the phenomenon of migration. , to apply their theoretical knowledge to the cultural debate on current events.

Ability to learn:

Writing, active learning practices will enable students to distribute their teaching load equally and develop self-learning skills.

Detailed Course Content

The course aims to investigate the causes and plurality of motivations that have given impetus to mass migration to Europe and from one region and another of the same continent from the second post-war period to the present day. To this end, the great events that took place in Europe during the period under consideration will be linked to the history of peoples on the move, not exulting in the effort to understand the stories and sufferings of individuals. The course will take place through the following stages:

Violent Peace, Cold War, Reconstruction. 1945-1956

Decolonization, guest workers and economic development. 1956-1973

Reorder Europe and manage migration. 1989-2008

Textbook Information

Peter Gatrell, L'Inquietudine dell'Europa. Come la migrazione ha rimodellato un continente, Einaudi, Torino, 2019

Critical reading of a migration novel of choice of the student. Just to give an example Igiaba Scego , Adua, Giunti, 2015

Non-attending people will have to agree the choice with the teacher

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