IUS/14 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

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Learning Objectives

The course aims to analyze the historical and legal aspects of the integration process of the European Continent and the current structure of the European Union. It will examine the founding values of the EU, the historical process of the European integration, the system of the EU sources, the EU’s law-making procedures, the EU’s judicial system, the condition of the European citizen and of the foreigner and the protection of fundamental human rights law in the European Union.

The contents of the course will be examined in the light of the double title of democratic legitimacy of the EU: the role of the States to power the process of mutual legal, economic, social and political integration; the growing contribution to the development of this process as required to natural persons (citizens and foreigners) living within the Member States.

The course aims to impart to students the fundamentals of European Union law and provide them the tools to develop a critical view of the process of European integration and of its dynamics; to provide a knowledge oriented to the cultural aspects of a process that is still analyzed in its legal dimension; and finally to give students the necessary technical language required to a scholar of international communication.

The study of the contents will be joined by a continuous analysis of current European issues.

Course Structure

Frontal lessons, exam of materials in the classroom to illustrate the contents of the course with a case-by-case method; classroom exercises of analysis and reconstruction of case-laws.

Detailed Course Content

1. Fundamentals of International Law

2. Fundamentals of European Union Law

3. The condition of foreigners in the International and European Union legal systems

4. The area of freedom, security and justice of the European Union

5. Movement of persons within the European Union

6. The European integrated border management

7. The right to asylum and the other forms of international protection of foreigners

8. The Common European Asylum System

9. The EU’s fight against irregular immigration

10. The EU visa code

11. The legal migration

12. The expulsion of foreigners

13. Access to Italian citizenship

14. The role of the European Courts case-laws in defining the juridical status of the foreigner

Textbook Information

1. N. Parisi, V. Petralia, Elementi di Diritto dell'Unione europea, Le Monnier, 2016. Solo i capitoli I, II, III, IV, VI (esclusa la sezione VI), IX

2. S. Amadeo, F. Spitaleri, Il diritto dell'immigrazione e dell'asilo dell'Unione europea, Giappichelli, 2019

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