FIS/01 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course has the stated goal of providing adequate knowledge and understanding of fundamental physical laws that govern biomedical processes, and skills in applying knowledge

Course Structure

Frontal lessons

Should the circumstances require online or blended teaching, appropriate
modifications to what is hereby stated may be introduced, in order to
achieve the main objectives of the course.

Detailed Course Content

1. Recall and basic introductory notions

2. The mechanics of rigid bodies

3. Fluids and their applications

4. Thermology

5. Electric and magnetic phenomena and their applicatios

6. Wave phenomena and their applications

7. Electromagnetic and corpuscular radiation and applications

Textbook Information

D. Scannicchio, E. Giroletti "Elementi di Fisica Biomedica" Ed. EdiSES

F. Borsa, A. Lascialfari ''Principi di Fisica per indirizzo biomedico e farmaceutico'' Ed. EdiSES

A. Giambattista, B. Richardson, R. Richardson "Fisica generale" Ed. Graw Hill

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