L-FIL-LET/09 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course aims to compare written and figurative forms trhough the visual studies approach.

Course Structure

Frontal lessons with the help of images and ppt. The lessons will also be organized in such a way as to stimulate debate and discussion through the presentation of individual works.

Detailed Course Content

The course is structured into two sections:

[a] texts and images in medieval texts transimission

[b] The monster: between rethoric and visual representation

Textbook Information


Varvaro, Alberto, Prima lezione di filologia, Laterza, Roma-Bari 2012 (pp. 141)


Pächt, Otto, La miniatura medievale. Una introduzione, Bollati Boringhieri, Torino 2013 (pp. 15-122; 156-163).

Baltrusatis, Jurgis, Il Medioevo fantastico. Antichità ed esotismi nell’arte gotica, Adelphi, Milano 1988 (pp. 41-57).

Lalomia, Gaetano, La«gran bestia feria». Mostri ibridi e diavoli perturbanti, in «Le forme e la storia», XI, 2018, pp. 47-62.

Lalomia, Gaetano, «Y su vista era para espantar todos los hombres del mundo». La descrizione del mostro nell’«Oliveros de Castilla», in «Le forme e la storia», 1, pp. 99-111.


Please remember that in compliance with art 171 L22.04.1941, n. 633 and its amendments, it is illegal to copy entire books or journals, only 15% of their content can be copied.

For further information on sanctions and regulations concerning photocopying please refer to the regulations on copyright (Linee Guida sulla Gestione dei Diritti d’Autore) provided by AIDRO - Associazione Italiana per i Diritti di Riproduzione delle opere dell’ingegno (the Italian Association on Copyright).

All the books listed in the programs can be consulted in the Library.

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