M-DEA/01 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course’s aim is to address the students to anthropological study (empirical and theoretical) of several ways and forms of relationships with the world, elaborated by perspective of world anthropology of Joao de Pina-Cabral.

The aims in-depth of teaching to provide an ethnographic study of orientations of future (anticipation, expectation, hope, potentiality, speculation, destiny) may orient our individual and social present life, with a focus about contemporary ethnographic topics (ethnography of energies and climate change).

Course Structure

Frontal lessons and seminarial activities.

Detailed Course Content

The grounding of teaching to address the students to study of worlding elaborated by Joao de Pina-Cabral. This heuristic perspective would be beyond the traditional relativistic (the several representations of the world) and constructive (the study of process of social construction), viewing through the universalistic and realistic way.

The aims in-depth of teaching to provide a reflection about the ethnographic study of future horizons, considering:

  1. the traditional anthropological way to study the social life through the dichotomy tradition/modernity;
  2. how specificic orientations of future are imagined (anticipation, expectation, hope, potentiality, speculation, destiny) and orient the individual and social life, focusing about the ethnography of energies and climate change.

Textbook Information

Joao De Pina-Cabral, 2020, Mondo. Una riflessione antropologica, Quodlibet, Macerata, pp. 200;

Bryant, R., Knight, D., 2019, Anthropogy of Future, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pp. 200;


One of the articles about the anthropology of temporalities (available online in Studium platform)


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