Spanish Linguistics and Translation

L-LIN/07 - 9 CFU - Annual Tuition

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Getting the level C1+ in Spanish; getting skills of written and oral texts analysis and translation.

Course Structure

The course is divided into lectures, lectures, classroom exercise, verification of learning e written tests for the verification of learning.

Detailed Course Content

Acquisition of notions and analysis of oral and written texts: study of translation dossiers with a written test in order to sit for the oral exam.

A Spanish fraseology (3 CFU).

B Contrastive linguistics (3 CFU).

C Translating colloquial language (3 CFU).

Textbook Information

- M. García-Page Sánchez, Introducción a la fraseología española. Estudio de las locuciones, Barcelona, Anthropos, 2008. PP 527

- Luque Toro, L., Manual práctico de usos de la fraseología, Verbum, 2012. PP 183.

- A. Briz Gómez, El español coloquial en la conversación. Esbozo de pragmagramática, Barcelona, Ariel, 2001. PP 257.


AA.VV., Hibridación, conflicto e integración en la lengua y literatura (in)migratoria, Padova,, 2019, PP. 148.


- Arqués, R., Padoan, A. : Il grande dizionario di Spagnolo, Zanichelli, 2012.

- Gran Diccionario de Uso -Diccionario General de Lengua española, Madrid: Vox,2009.

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