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Learning Objectives

This course aims at investigating language use in specialised contexts.

Course Structure

The course will encompass both theoretical and practical aspects of specialised discourses.

Detailed Course Content

In the first part of the course theoretical and methodological tools will be provided which will be applied to the analysis of new media language. An analysis of authentic materials in that field will also be within the scope of this course.

Textbook Information

- Jean Aitchison (Editor), Diana M. Lewis (ed), New Media Language, London (a selection of chapters)

- P. Seargeant (ed), C. Tagg (ed) The Language of Social Media: Identity and Community on the Internet,Palgrave- McMillan, 2014 (a selection of chapters)

- Gotti, M., Investigating specialised discourse, Bern, Peter Lang, 2008 (Entire text).


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