L-FIL-LET/12 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

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Learning Objectives

a) To acquire the basic notions of sociolinguistics. To acquire the main techniques of sociolinguistic research by carrying out some fieldwork. (ALFONZETTI 3 CFU)

b) To develop students’ ability to reflect upon the variability of the Italian language in correlation with: communicative situation, geographical area, speaker’s gender, age and level of education; written or spoken channel. To acquire the basic skills in text analysis (oral texts, written texts, media texts) (SARDO 3 CFU)

c) To develop students’ awareness of the communicative potentiality of using Italian, dialect and other languages in conversation and in the internet (code switching and polylanguaging). (ALFONZETTI 3 CFU)

Course Structure

The course is structured in dialogical and frontal lectures, individual and group exercises, self-evaluative reflections concerning the several contents dealt with.

Detailed Course Content

A. Definition of Sociolinguistics: scope, postulates and methods.

B. The sociolinguistic repertoire of contemporary Italian: standard and neo-standard; written and spoken; Italian in mass media; geographical and social varieties of Italian. Principles of textual analysis. Standard Italian linguistic traits.

C. Communicative strategies: code switching and polylanguaging. Definition and functions.

Textbook Information

A. Introduction to Sociolinguistics (3 CFU): Texts:

- Berruto Gaetano, Prima lezione di sociolinguistica, Bari, Laterza, 2006 (189 pp.)

- D’Agostino Mari, Sociolinguistica dell’Italia contemporanea, Il Mulino 2007: Capitolo I: Storie (pp. 13-22) e Capitolo 11: Progettare una ricerca, pp. 215-235.

B. Italian sociolinguistic repertoire (3 CFU). Text:

Berruto Gaetano, Sociolinguistica dell’italiano contemporaneo, Roma, Carocci, 2012 updated reprint (280 pp.)

C. Communicative strategies (3 CFU). Text:

Alfonzetti, Giovanna, Parlare italiano e dialetto in Sicilia, Palermo, Centro di Studi Filologici e Linguistici siciliani 2017 (100 pp.

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