M-STO/07 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide a theoretical framework and historical information on religious matters. After completing the course, students acquire skills in the interpretation of the relationship between religion and contemporary society.

Course Structure

In addition to the frontal lessons, the course includes three seminars on case studies held by scholars and specialists and two practical exercises on written and visual sources at the Diocesan Archive and the Church of St. Benedict in Catania.

Detailed Course Content

The course proposes a path of study on reconstruction the historical- cultural dimension of religious facts as a criterion for the understanding of the contemporary world. The first module (A) will cover typological classifications and a brief history of studies on religious phenomena. A deepening will be dedicated to the «symbology of dressing» in different religious cultures, with an analysis of the veil in Islam (B). Some reading proposals will provide other disciplinary perspectives for the study of religious phenomena (module C).

Textbook Information

A (2 ECTS): Religions and History


- G. Filoramo, Che cos'è la religione. Temi metodi problemi, Einaudi 2004, cap. V (pp. 173-214).

- G. Filoramo, M. Massenzio, M. Raveri, P. Scarpi, Manuale di Storia delle religioni, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 1998 (201519), parte seconda (capp. XI-XII-XIII, pp. 173-269) e parte quarta (capp. II-III-IV-V, pp. 447-549).


Modulo B (2 ECTS): Religions and Symbology of dressing


- A. Saggioro, Simbologia del vestire, Edizioni Nuova Cultura, 2007, pp. 17-159.

- M. Ferrara, A. Saggioro, G. Viscardi, Le verità del velo, (sezione Il velo nell’Islam plurale), Società Editrice Fiorentina, 2017, pp. 149-232.


Modulo C (2 ECTS): Reading Proposals

Books (one choice):


Please remember that in compliance with art 171 L22.04.1941, n. 633 and its amendments, it is illegal to copy entire books or journals, only 15% of their content can be copied.

For further information on sanctions and regulations concerning photocopying please refer to the regulations on copyright (Linee Guida sulla Gestione dei Diritti d’Autore) provided by AIDRO - Associazione Italiana per i Diritti di Riproduzione delle opere dell’ingegno (the Italian Association on Copyright).

All the books listed in the programs can be consulted in the Library.

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