L-FIL-LET/01 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Palazzo Ingrassia
Phone: 0952508201 3473735308
Office Hours: una ora prima e dopo l'orario delle lezioni

Learning Objectives

Aim of the course is to make students able to carry on their research in the field of Aegean archaeology through the possess of adequate methodologies in the field of archaeology, epigraphy and bibliographical research. This goal will be achieved through the teaching methodology of seminars.

The course will be held in English.

Course Structure

The program includes two modules. In the first one the Aegean of the II millennium will be dealt with, with a special attention paid to the palatial periods, prestige production and epigraphic evidence. In the second one attention is focused on the wider Mediterranean background, and on the relations between the Aegean and Italy, in order to verify the specific problems of the existence of one or more “world systems” in the II millennium b.C.

Detailed Course Content

Background: Aegean civilization from the Neolithic to the II millennium. Chronology and geography – The down of the Minoan Palaces – the first and second palaces – the Late palatial period: Knossos – Myceanean Crete – Middle Helladic – The Shaft graves- the Mycenaean palaces – Cyclades in the Middle and Late Bronze Age – The end of Bronze Age societies – Pottery production – sumptuary productions (Seals and frescoes).

The Aegean and the west: distribution of Aegean imports in the West, imitation and influences, modes of contact. The theoretical background. From the Ex oriente lux to the globalization studies.

Textbook Information

A The II millennium Aegean (3 ECTS)

- E. Cline (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean, Oxford University press 2010, pp. 3-30 (background and definitions), 99-443 (Middle and Late Bronze Age, Art and architecture, Society and culture, Seals and writing, Material crafts).

B The II millennium Aegean and the Mediterranaean: a world system? (1 ECTS).

- Sestieri, Anna Maria Bietti. 2014. Sicily in Mediterranean History in the Second Millennium BC. The Cambridge Prehistory of the Bronze and Iron Age Mediterranean, Knapp, A. Bernard and Peter van Dommelen, eds. New York: Cambridge University Press. Pp. 74-95. (Abstract, p. 74).

- P. Militello, Incorporating Architecture. LBA Sicily and the Aegean, in , M. Bettelli, M. Del Freo and G. J. van Wijngaarden (eds), Mediterranea Itinera. Studies in Honour of Lucia Vagnetti, Incunabula graeca CVI, Roma, Cnr Edizioni, 2018, pp. 33-50


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