ING-IND/11 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide knowledge on the following topics

- Sound propagation and noise control. Effects of noise on human beings

- Air pollution and dispersion of pollutant in the atmosphere

- Use of renewable energy sources and efficient energy use.

The teaching method of the course consists of lectures, design exercises with application on the proposed case studies, and use of specific software.

Course Structure

The course includes the alternation between theoretical lessons and practical exercises on the issues developed in the classroom.

If the teaching will be given in mixed or remote mode, the necessary changes to what was previously stated may be introduced, in order to comply with the program provided and reported in the syllabus

Detailed Course Content


Basic concepts of acoustics. Analysis of acoustic signals. The effects of noise on human beings. Noise emitted by moving and stationary sources. Acoustic materials. Noise control. Numerical modelling of noise propagation. outdoor noise propagation and attenuation. Acoustic barriers and . Acoustic zoning. noise detection. Limit values on the outdoor noise.

Air pollution

Sources and Physical-Chemical Characteristics of Atmospheric Pollutants. Emission of pollutants from fixed and mobile combustion sources.

Dispersion of air pollutants

The structure of the atmospheric boundary layer. Turbulence. atmospheric stability models. Elements of fluid dynamics. Modeling of dispersion of air pollutants

Lecturers are integrated by laboratory exercises, computer training, technical visits and seminars

Textbook Information

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