SECS-P/01 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Knowledge and understanding:

To provide concepts and theories functional to understand the distinguishing features of open economies and the actions of economic agents which determine those features.

Applying knowledge and understanding:

To develop and improve the ability of analysing real-world events critically by keeping as reference the theories discussed.

Language Skills:

To learn how to express correctly and coherently complex concepts regarding the world-economy events and developments.

Making judgements:

To learn how to assess the consequeces of a certain evolution of some economic varaibles for a country’s competitiveness.

Learning skills:

To learn to detect the salient features of an issue in order to use the right resources to analyse it.

Course Structure

Face lectures in a teaching room (90%).

Tutorials in the computer labs (10%).

Detailed Course Content

Open economies [module I]

International exchange of financial assets [module I]

Price level, exchange rate and the real economy [module I]

International capital markets [module II]

Issues in international economics [module II]

An introduction to international trade [module III]

Intra-sectoral trade: economies of scale [module III]

Firms in the global economy [module III]

Textbook Information

1. Krugman, Obstfeld & Melitz 2019, “Economia Internazionale 2. Economia Monetaria Internazionale”, Pearson [KOM2]. Available in many languages.

2. Krugman, Obstfeld & Melitz 2019, “Economia Internazionale1. Teoria e Politica del Commercio Internazionale”, Pearson [KOM1]. Available in many languages.

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