Anglo-American Culture and Civilization

L-LIN/11 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Course Structure

The lessons will be held in English. Traditional front lessons will also give way to class debate on topical issues to foster the direct involvement of students. To further encourage their active participation and help them study for the oral exam, attending students will be required to read/view the primary texts before the lessons (the schedule will be provided in the classroom and posted on Studium)

Detailed Course Content

American Studies: theories, methods, and concepts; evolution of the research field and relationship with Cultural Studies. Vision and revision of the myths that built the nation. Theoretical approaches that are relevant for the study of US cultural aspects (Structuralism/Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis, social theories, Feminist criticism, Gender and Queer Studies, Age Studies, Postcolonialism, Critical Race Theory and Critical Whiteness Studies, Border and Hemispheric Studies).

Textbook Information

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