L-FIL-LET/15 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

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Course Structure

Traditional / Lectures.
Translation exercise from Medieval texts.

Detailed Course Content

The reconstructed Germanic protolanguage: methods of historical-comparative linguistics. Relative chronology of the Germanic protolanguage: Proto-Germanic and Common Germanic. From Indo-European to Germanic: consonant and vowel phonetic change. Indo-European and Germanic accent. The Germanic languages and their subdivision. Isoglosses of the Germanic languages.
Indo-European and Germanic Ablaut. Essentials of Germanic morphology: strong and weak verbs; preterite-present and athematic verbs. The Germanic futhark and the runic writing system.
Culture and institutions of the ancient Germanic peoples. Contacts with the non-Germanic world. Names of the days of the week. Germanic and Nordic mythology. The Conversion and the beginnings of a written tradition.

Textbook Information

Elliott, Ralph W. V., Runes. An Introduction, Cambridge [Manchester University Press] 1980, pp. 1-20; 45-75.
Molinari, Maria Vittoria, La filologia germanica, Bologna [Zanichelli] 1987, pp. 5-76; 77-82; 87; 91-108; 118-135; 151-160.
Saibene, Maria Grazia/ Buzzoni, Marina, Manuale di linguistica germanica, Milano [Monduzzi] 2006, pp. 75-96; 107-113; 115-122; 127-154; 269-307.

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