L-LIN/02 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Course Structure

Detailed Course Content

Principles of Language Acquisition and Language Teaching;

  1. Language Acquisition and Language Teaching;
  2. Linguistic Typology and Basic Elements of Language Universals, Language Varieties. Alphabetic and non Alphabetic Cultures: Literacy and new didactic methods;

2. Contemporary Italian

  1. The Italian Linguistic Type;
  2. Trends of contemporary Italian Language: grammatical rules and linguistic trends;
  3. Diachronic and sociolinguistic variations of the language in relation to linguistic norm;
  4. Phonology, Morphology, Syntax of Italian Language;

3) Teaching Strategies

  1. Contemporary approach to Foreign Language Teaching; the Communicative competence;
  2. Foreign Language Teaching goals; Teaching language skills; the concept of language awareness; assessment and self-assessment; language portfolio. Use of media in Foreign Language Teaching;
  3. Syllabus design (grammatical, situational, functional-notional, procedural) and the Common European Framework;

Competence Evaluation and Certification.

Textbook Information

  1. Diadori, P. (2015), Insegnare italiano a stranieri, Firenze, le Monnier (pp. 2-373)
  2. Minuz, F. (2017), Italiano L2 e alfabetizzazione in età adulta, Roma, Carocci (pp. 13-170)
  3. Lorenzetti, L. (2006), L’italiano contemporaneo, Roma, Carocci (pp. 8-119)
  4. Troncarelli, D. – La Grassa, M. (2017), GrammaticAvanzata, Roma, Edilingua (pp. 7- 294)

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