L-ANT/07 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

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Course Structure

The course will be structured in three parts, a first part in which we will discuss problems of periodization and explain how to date the Greek vases; a second one, in which the main pottery types will be distinguished, and, finally, a third in which the main iconographic schemes will be illustrated.

Detailed Course Content

Painted vases give the fullest visual account of life and mythology in ancient Greece, and provide important archaeological data for refining and adding to knowledge of various aspects of ancient Greek culture. In addition to iconography, the course will look at the techniques, styles and of Greek vases, from the eighth to the fourth century B.C.

Textbook Information

  1. General aspects of the discipline and periodization of Greek Vases (4 CFU)


J. Boardman, The History of Greek Vases, Oxford 2006, pp. 11-244

I. Scheibler, Il vaso in Grecia, Longanesi, Milano 2004, pp. 18-66, 81-151.

B. Seminars on topics based on the teacher’ choice (2CFU)

-E. Giudice, G. Giudice, La ceramica attica dal Persephoneion di Locri fra mito e rito, in Studi miscellanei di ceramografia greca III, Catania 2017, Ediarch, pp. 11-48

-Either lecture notes or materials placed in the course platform or M. Torelli, Le strategie di Kleitias, Electa, Milano 2007, pp. 9-116.

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