ING-INF/07 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The goal of this class consists in introducing the students to the discipline of metrology and to teach electrical measurements methodologies, measurements techniques and working principles of electronic instruments. These concepts will be discussed and applications to the area of electrical engineering will be presented.

Laboratory activities will be made to gain direct knowledge of electronic instrumentation and to apply the theoretical concepts studied.

At the and of the class students will have knowledge about methodologies for measurement system characterization, measurement methods and working principles of electronic instrumentation.

Knowldege gained will allow to correctly perform metrological characterization of measurement system and to efficiently desing and mplement measurements by using electronic instrumentations.

Course Structure

Class on Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement includes both lectures and laboratory activities. Whenever possible expert seminars will be organized with national and international speakers from industry and academia.

Detailed Course Content

This course aims to transfer basics and some advanced concepts regarding measures and measurements performed with electronic instruments.

An introduction to metrology will be given in order to assess competences regarding the estimation of uncertainties in measurements.

Measurements methodologies will be therefore discussed together with their implementation by using electronic instrumentation.

Both analog and digital electronic instruments will be considered, the working principles will be studied together with the transduction models and the metrological characteristics; some advance issues related to signal processing and noise reduction on measurement results will be also discussed.

A significant part of the course will be devoted to experimental activities in laboratory where the students will be asked to use real instruments, perform measurements, develop Virtual Instruments by using LabView.

Specialized seminars will be held on advanced subjects of basic and industrial research in the area of electronic instrumentations and measurements.

Textbook Information

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