ING-INF/04 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The main objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. Representation of Dynamic Discrete Event Systems (DES) by Petri Networks.
  2. Analysis of Petri nets and Control of DES by using the monitor place approach.
  3. Architectures of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  4. PLC programming using IEC 61131-3 standard languages.
  5. Basics of information networks for industrial automation
  6. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems .

Adequate space is reserved to the laboratory activities to ensure that the concepts learned are put into practice.

Course Structure

The course takes place through lectures and experiences in the laboratory. To each course topic is devoted an adequate amount of time in the laboratory experiences which reinforce the learning. In the laboratory, students will use both software tool and hardware devices to learn the analysis of discrete event systems and PLC programming.

Detailed Course Content

Continuous versus logic control. PID: Architecture and tuning approaches. Programmable logic controllers (PLC): architecture of a PLC, input-output modules special function modules PLC programming languages modules, special function modules. PLC programming languages. Graphic Graphic languages: Ladder Diagram, Function Block language (FBD), sequential function chart (SFC). Basic elements, instructions for timing and counting. Evolution rules Structures to control the program flow Examples of Evolution rules. Structures to control the program flow. Examples of programming using ladder diagram, FBD and SFC. Computer networks. The OSI model, network topologies, transmission media bus access methods: traditional standards: Ethernet token bus media, bus access methods: traditional standards: Ethernet, token bus, token ring. Computer networks for automation. Supervisory systems and data acquisition (SCADA). Modules of a SCADA system: database processing module, communication module, operator interface module, processing module, communication module, operator interface module, alarm management , recipe management module, maintenance support module, expert system module.

Textbook Information

R W. . Lewis -Programming Industrial Control Systems Using IEC 1131‐3.

P. Chiacchio, F. Basile - Tecnologie Tecnologie informatiche informatiche per l automazione l’automazione 2/ed.

C. Bonivento, L. Gentili, A. Paoli - Sistemi di automazione industriale

Lecture Slides

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