ING-INF/04 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Knowledge on modeling of linear systems and optimal and robust control techniques. Nonlinear modeling based on neural algorithms. Linear and nonlinear programming.

Course Structure

Frontal lectures and Matlab based laboratory.

Detailed Course Content

The course aim at providing basic knowledge on modeling and control of linear and nonlinear systems. In particular, optimal and robust control techniques will be discussed. Moreover, neural network based modeling strategies will be presented. Furthermore, linear and nonlinear programming problems will be considered, providing knowledge about the most used algorithms to solve them.

Textbook Information

1. L. Fortuna, M. Frasca, Optimal and Robust Control - Advanced topics with MATLAB, CRC Press

2. F. S. Hillier, G.J. Liebermann, Introduction to Operations Research, Ed. McGraw Hill

3. S. Haykin, Neural Networks and Learning Machines, Prentice Hall

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