BIO/09 - 5 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course is intended to complete the physiological preparation and psychobiology of psychology students and aims to stimulate them to acquire the basics to understand behaviors, cognitive processes and their pathological aspects, integrating biological, physiological and psychological points of view.

Detailed Course Content

1. Introduction to neuroscience.

2. Chemical control of the brain and behavior.

3. Cognitive domains: Language, Attention, Memory, Prassie and Gnosie

4. The development of our brain in the cultural environment.

5. The brain mechanisms of emotions.

6. Reproductive behavior: love, betrayal, orgasm.

7. Sleep and dreams.

8. Intelligence and executive functions.

9. Environment and brain damage

10. Psychobiological bases of autism.

11. Art, music and brain.

12. Brain and homosexuality.

13. Psychobiological bases of the main forms of addiction.

14. The female brain.

15. Mental illness. Brain, profession and autonomy.

16. The sports brain.

Textbook Information

  1. Bear, M.F. , Connors, B.W. , Paradiso, M.A., NEUROSCIENZE, Esplorando il cervello, Masson, 2016.
  2. Dick Swaaab, Il cervello creativo. Come l’uomo e il mondo si plasmano. Castelvecchi, 2016.

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