IUS/04 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

1. Knowledge and understanding. The course aims at providing a knowledge of the main commercial contracts at the same time enabling the students to solve effective interpretative questions and problems. To this end during the course's lessons the discussion of real-life cases and judicial decisions will take place.

2. Applying knowledge and understanding. The students meditate on the legal texts and on the interpretations thereof, taking also into account the functional aspect of the main commercial contracts, in order to evaluate the most suitable contracts in a given scenario and the law applicable to a given situation.

3. Making judgements. The students will be able to consider and evaluate real-life cases concerning commercial contracts’ subject-matter.

4. Communication skills. The students will be able to communicate with specialist and non specialist persons in a sufficiently clear fashion about the reasons behind the choice of a particular contractual instrument in a given scenario as well as the law applicable in a given situation.

5. Learning skills. The lessons, coupled with the study of the course’s text, shall provide the students with autonomous learning skills also regarding other topics in the commercial contracts’ law field.

Course Structure


Detailed Course Content

Credit instruments. Banking and financial contracts. Financial investments. Financial operations. Collective Investment Vehicles. Financial Services. Financial markets' contracts. Insurance contracts. Acts of trust and mediation.

Textbook Information

1) G. Auletta - N. Salanitro, Diritto commerciale, 20° ed. a cura di A. Mirone, Giuffré, Milano, 2015;

Further updates - necessary upon the introduction of important normative amendements - are made available on Studium.

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