IUS/09 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

1. knowledge and understanding: Learning Public Law will allow the student to develop the ability to understand the European and the Italian legal system.

2. applying knowledge and understanding: The student must be able to describe the powers of the State, the relations between public authorities and citizens, not limiting to the Italian regime, but also with reference to the European legal system.

3. making judgements: Learning Public Law will allow the student to mature in terms of civic consciousness and awareness of his role in the society.

4. communication skills: The student must know legal terminology and should not have difficulty in understanding a regulatory act.

5. learning skills: The students must have acquired learning skills such that they can pursue independently the study of legal subjects, even at the highest levels.

Detailed Course Content

The course consists of 30 lessons of lectures of two hours each, for a total of 60 hours of lessons.

The Professor can organize some seminars held by external lecturers .

Textbook Information

ROBERTO BIN, GIOVANNI PITRUZZELLA, Diritto Pubblico, Giappichelli editore, 2019


2) A. BARONE (a cura di), Cittadini, imprese e pubbliche funzioni, Cacucci editore, 2018, chapters II, III, IV

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