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Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Knowledge and understanding: the course aims to give to the students upper intermediate level's skills in the Japanese language. Knowledge of 800 kanji and 3000 words of general use. Reading, writing and dialogic skills connected to a wide range of cultural and specific topics of an intermediate degree of complexity. Knowledge of main linguistic patterns (i.e. honorific, humble, gender, age, formal, informal).
Applying knowledge and understanding: the students will be able to use with originality the achieved skills and to connect them with daily life, social, professional or academic contexts.
Making judgments: comprehension and production of data and information. The students will approach to the study of Japanese language and culture free form any ethnocentric perspective and with a reasonable degree of autonomy.
Communication skills: class and laboratory activities will enhance the communication skills connected to a wide range of topics of medium complexity.
Learning skills: alongside the class and laboratory activities, the students will also carry out individual activities aimed at improving analytical skills and reinforcing reading, writing, listening, speaking and translation skills.

Course Structure

Frontal classes, laboratory and individual activities.

Detailed Course Content

The course contents aim to an improvement of knowledge of the morphology, syntax, phonology of Japanese language. Lessons will focus on writing, reading, listening and speaking skills connected to general and specific topics, alongside the knowledge of several language patterns (honorific, humble, gender, age, formal, informal). Audiovisual and web materials will integrate the textbooks.

Textbook Information

1)Hirai Etsuko, Miwa Sachiko, "Chūkyū e ikō", 3A Corporation, Tokyo 2004:

2)Hirai Etsuko, Miwa Sachiko, Chūkyū o manabō", 3A Corporation, Tokyo 2007

3) Shin bunka Nihongo no kisō II, VIdeo oyō hen

4) Yanagita Kunio Mukashi banashi

optional reference material:

Sunakawa Yuriko, Tutsui Sayo et alii, Kyōshi to gakushūsha no tameno Nihongo bunkei jiten, Kurioshio shuppan, Tokyo 2005.

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