L-LIN/14 - 9 CFU - Annual Tuition

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING : The objective is to reach the level B2/C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages with the study of the german gramatic and the translation of short texts.

APPLYING KNOWLEDGE AND UNDESTANDING: The student will be able to apply originally the achieved skills and to connect it with daily life context.The student will also acquire the appropriate knowledge and understanding of the level B2/C1.

MAKING JUDGEMENT: Students will acquire technical competence on textual analysis in order to become independent and critical cultural mediators.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The achievement of communication skills will be reinforced by class activities such as simulations of ordinary contexts. Teacher’s feedback to individual assignments gives to the students the chance of developing their communicative skills according to the social and academic purpose of the language.

LEARNING SKILLS: To improve writing and speaking skills for various types of text.

Course Structure

54 hours frontal lessons

Detailed Course Content

German grammatic and translation of short texts in german and in italian

Textbook Information

Grammatiche di consultazione consigliate: Bruno, Elena/ Franch, Raffela -. Deutsche Grammatik. Grammatica di riferimento per lo studio della lingua tedesca. Il capitello 2004

Schritte international im Beruf, Kommunikation am Arbeitsplatz, - Niveau A1/B1 Hueber Verlag

Open in PDF format Versione in italiano