BIO/12 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course is designed to provide students with a good foundation of knowledge in all aspects of Clinical Biochemistry. Introducing the fundamentals of instrumentation and methodology in the clinical chemistry and biochemistry laboratory medicine, lectures will cover urinalysis testing procedures and associated disease entities, as well as analysis of other body fluids. Clinical testing using automated and manual methods, measurement of pancreatic function and intestinal absorption, renal and liver function, enzymes, electrolytes, blood gases, lipids, toxicology, urinalysis, endocrinology, neurological, dysmetabolic, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases.

Course Structure

Frontal teaching, elaboration, Individual study

Detailed Course Content

1) The use of laboratory data in clinical practice
2) The method of acquisition of laboratory data
3) The interpretation of biochemical data
4) Analysis of Urine
5) Biochemistry of nutrition
6) Assessment of liver function and diagnosis of jaundice
7) Acute and chronic diseases of the liver
8) Liver function and Hepatitis tests
9) Diabetes mellitus
10) Hypoglycemia
11) Lipid metabolism, dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis, sphingolipidoses.
12) Free radicals in the pathology
13) Metabolism of ethanol and the pathology of alcoholism
14) Complete blood count test
15) Disorders of porphyrin and heme synthesis, hemoglobinopathies
16) Plasma proteins and electrophoresis
17) Blood groups and compatibility tests
18) Hemostasis tests
19) Kidney function tests and urine test
20) Iperammoniemie;
21) Metabolism of amino acids (Phenylketonuria, Hyperhomocysteinemia);
22) Disorders salt and water balance and acid-base balance;
23) Disorders of purine metabolism (hyperuricemia, gout)
24) Investigations on the cerebrospinal fluid
25) Biochemical aspects of neurological diseases
26) Tumor markers
27) Metabolic effects of tumors
28) Cellular aspects of clinical biochemistry
29) Molecular Clinical Biochemistry
30) Clinical biochemistry in the diagnosis of acute pain in the chest and abdomen
31) Biochemistry and molecular clinical biology of organ transplantation
32) Notes on antiaging medicine.

Textbook Information

Medicina di Laboratorio, G. Federici (Autore), – Mc GrawHill Medicina di laboratorio.

Medicina di Laboratorio. La diagnosi di malattia nel laboratorio clinico, M. Laposata (Autore) - Piccin

Medicina di Laboratorio. Logica e patologia clinica, I. Antonozzi, E. Gulletta (Autori) - Piccin

Medicina dell'Aging e dell'Antiaging. V. Calabrese et al. (Autori) - Edra

Nutrigenomica e Epigenetica. V. Calabrese et al. (Autori) - Edra

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