M-PED/01 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Course Structure

The course will be divided into two parts: a theoretical-epistemological part that will be developed through lectures and an application part that will include group work, focus groups, simulated and filmed views on the issues that will be addressed.

Detailed Course Content

The teaching aims to focus on the following topics:

Presentation of the Course and meaning of the object of investigation of the pedagogy of communication: training and communication; The foundations of communication pedagogy; Effective listening and educational criteria and practices; Listening as a receptive moment of communication, but also the basis of every relationship and interaction process; The educational and social relationship; Pedagogical behavior and orientation of young and old in an existential and life project; Communicative-relational dynamics, with particular reference to non-violent communication and the skills necessary for the educator to develop the art of mutual empathic listening and creative conflict management; Peace education; Integrated management of communication processes within the group; The appropriate methods of early detection of conflicts, especially those induced by a weak interaction between the various subjects-person and the "system"; Conflict as a synthesis for building new social relationships; Creation of a cooperative environment; The nature of the group and of the conflict; The simulation of work groups and practical activities; The use of tools for mediation and conflict resolution, consistent with the ethical assumptions of socio-educational contexts; Competence in conflict management within formal and informal and non-formal groups; Team training: conducting, animation, effectiveness; The role of "facilitator" of communication and relations within complex organizations; The skills of the language facilitator that accompanies the person-subjects from one territory to another towards the awareness of oneself, of others and above all of the system of relationships; Active methods and techniques: cooperative learning; Cooperative methods: different declinations

Textbook Information

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