ING-INF/05 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

This course introduces the basic concepts of information technology and creates the necessary skills for an effective and aware usage of related tools

Course Structure

Class lecturs and practical exercises in class

Detailed Course Content

Introduction to information technology. Information systems. Software and data. Algorithms. Types of computers. Binary system. Anatomy of a computer. CPU. Memory. Buses. Ports. Machine cycle. I/O devices. Pixels and resolution. Fonts. Printers. Secondary memory. Backup. Operating system. User interfaces. Types of operating systems. File systems. Application programs. Spreadsheets. Open source. Computer networks. Types of networks. ISO/OSI stack. Network protocols. Types of physical networks. File transfer. E-mail. The web. Internet of things. Cloud computing. Multimedia. Images. Audio. Video. Client-server architectures. Software for industrial design. GPS. Programming. Software development. Web programming. Databases. Relations. Queries. Computer security. Viruses. Cryptography. PEC.

Textbook Information

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