BIO/13 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

With the teaching of CELLULAR BIOTECHNOLOGIES the student expands and applies in the biotechnological field the basic knowledge acquired during the previous studies. Moreover, it matures an integrated understanding of biological phenomena and an advanced scientific preparation at the cellular and / or molecular level for biotechnological applications. Particular attention is paid to the problems related to applications in the biomedical, agricultural and environmental fields of acquired knowledge

Course Structure

Teaching will be carried out through lectures on the general characteristics of the topics covered during the course and seminars will be held by university professors or researchers with specific skills in the various sectors. In addition, students will be invited to participate in any seminars of interest for the discipline, workshops or other, organized by the University of Catania. Guided visits to the laboratories of external companies are foreseen.

Detailed Course Content

CELL BIOTECHNOLOGIES: history of biotechnologies. The animal cell and cell cultures. Substrate- cell interaction (cell adhesion processes and effects on cells). Synthetic and natural biomaterials. Scaffold (natural or synthetic) and their applicability in regenerative medicine. Nanotechnologies: nanomaterials, nanotarticles and their use in biotechnologies. Agrotechnologies; Genetically modified organisms. Biosensor: notes on the functioning of biosensors and their applicability in biomedicine, agriculture and environment. Fluorescent molecules such as biosensors

Textbook Information

Articles on the topics of interest treated during lectures, seminars and workshops.

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