M-FIL/03 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

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Learning Objectives

The module provides ethical knowledge and understanding of human nature, its condition, its identity and cultural affinity. The module provides, through reading of anthropological and philosophical classics, a description of the issues related to the concept of difference, multiculturalism and cultural pluralism, and geared toward fostering integration, social cohesion and intercultural enrichment.

Detailed Course Content

The module covers the following topics. The method of the ethics of human conditions, in particular ethics of care related to other philosophical disciplines and natural and human sciences. The concept of difference as a reflection on the human identity and its relations. The aim is to identify the risk of creating an enemy with the intent to protect an identity unable to offer an authentic ethical recognition. It follows a reflection on the concept of care as a philosophical category to re-think of human behaviour as complex and multidirectional.

Textbook Information

M. Montaigne, Saggi, (dal libro I, il 22, il 26, il 30, il 31, il 42. Dal libro II, il 12).


M. Buber, Il principio dialogico ed altri saggi, Milano, San Paolo, 2014, 336 p.


M. Buber, E. Lévinas, G. Marcel, Il mito della relazione, a cura di F. Riva, Roma, Castelvecchi editore, 2016, 221 p.


A. Papa, Tu sei il mio nemico, Milano, Vita e Pensiero, 2013 (pp. 73-176).


A. Papa, L’identità esposta. La cura come questione filosofica, Vita e Pensiero, Milano, 2014 (140 p).


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