INF/01 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide a good theoretical background in order to allow students to properly use and manage computer systems through an understanding of their basic principles, their organization and through the understanding of the Internet services, particularly the World Wide Web, and information services offered to those who have research interests in humanities

Course Structure

Teaching will be carried out through lectures (for a total of 54 hours) during which the contents of the course will be presented, also through practical demonstrations. In addition, the students will have at his disposal a learning platform through which it will be possible to practice during their home-study and self-evaluate themselves on the contents of the course. The same platform provides a valid tool for the exam preparation.

Detailed Course Content

Main topics of the theoretical part of the course are as follows: the formalization of the concept of information; architecture and features of modern processing systems and operating systems; techniques and strategies of backup and recovery systems; principles of free software and open source; history and evolution of video games; topology and structure of modern computer networks; history and evolution of the Internet, the World Wide Web and correlated services; principles of data security and secret communication;

The course focuses also on practical aspects of visual programming.

Textbook Information

Introduzione all'informatica e al trattamento dell'informazione, by Simone Faro, interactive e-book, available on ClassBooks (, class code 54021)

Introduzione a Internet e alla cultura digitale, by Simone faro, interactive e-book, available on ClassBooks (, class code 54021)

Sicurezza informatica ed elementi di crittografia, by Simone Faro, interactive e-book, available on ClassBooks (, class code 54021)

Imparare a programmare con Scratch, by Maurizio Boscarini e Marco Beri, available in Kindle format on Amazon.

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