ING-INF/05 - 3 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, the student will complete his skills in the field of Office Automation with a mastery of presentation tools and database management. You can also make an informed use of the Internet and know its potential / danger.

Course Structure

Short theoretical introduction and exercise guided by the teacher in classroom on Powerpoint and Access.
Lecture dialog with slides for the Internet Security and Privacy module.

Detailed Course Content

Presentations in Powerpoint: use and development of the application, management of text, tables, graphics, organization charts, drawings, multimedia files and external links, animations and revisions.
Data archives in Access: understanding and organizing a database, tables, records and fields, relationships, fundamental operations, queries, forms and reports.
Internet security and privacy: online life, big data, privacy, cloud, social networks, commercial value, threats and precautions, cookies, WiFi networks, passwords, legal protections, advertising, spam and hoaxes.

Textbook Information

  1. Guida rapida ECDL 6 - Strumenti presentazione AICAnet
  2. Guida rapida ECDL 5 - Uso delle basi dati AICAnet

  3. PDF slides provided by the teacher.

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