L-OR/05 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

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Learning Objectives

The course will aim at forming students for a potential career in academy in the field of archaeology; as well as future scholars interested in working in museums in collaborating with national and international companies devoted to excavate, manage, and promote the cultural heritage in Middle Eastern countries (e.g., UNESCO; World Bank, European Community, ICCROM, ICOM, Getty Foundation, World Monument Fund, etc.).

Course Structure

The course will be based on lectures with an intense interaction with students through individual presentations that will be followed by thematic essays.

Detailed Course Content

Aim of the course will be to analyze archaeological contexts from modern Turkey dated from prehistoric periods until the collapse of the Assyrian Empire. In particular, the main focus of the course will be to investigate the evolution of complex societies in Anatolia. In fact, it is in this large geographical area that the first ceremonial buildings in human history were built at the south-eastern Anatolian site of Gobekli Tepe about 12.000 years ago; whereas it is at Catal Hoyuk (central Anatolia) that the first city in human history was created during the ceramic Neolithic and at Arslantepe, at the end of the fourth millennium BC, the first ancient Near Eastern palace was built.

Textbook Information

- Sagona, Antonio, and Paul Zimansky. 2015. Ancient Turkey. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis.


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