M-FIL/06 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

To acquire a critical understanding of the historical development of philosophy, through the study of the History of Early Modern and Modern Philosophy up to the 20th Century, as well as through the knowledge and the reading of the work of an Early Modern Age thinker.

Course Structure

Lectures + Workshops (Module D - Reading and commentary of Descartes's A Discourse on the Method).

Detailed Course Content

A – From Descartes to Kant (3 CFU)

Descartes – Rationalism – Pascal – Spinoza – Leibniz – Locke – Berkeley – Hume – Vico – The Enlightenment – Rousseau – Kant

B – From German Idealism to Italian Idealism (3 CFU)

Fichte – Schelling – Hegel – Schopenhauer – Kierkegaard – Feuerbach – Marx – Nietzsche – Bergson – Pragmatism – Dewey – Croce – Gentile

C – The Twentieth Century (2 CFU)

Heidegger – Jaspers – Sartre – Structuralism – Christian philosophy – Marxism – Gadamer – Modern and Postmodern (Habermas, Apel, Lyotard, Vattimo, Rorty) – Ethics and Politics (Schmitt, Arendt, Rawls)

D – The origin of Modern Philosophy: René Descartes’ Discourse on the Method (1 CFU)

Reading of Descartes’ Discourse on the Method

Textbook Information

A - N. Abbagnano, G. Fornero, La filosofia, vol. 2 (A – B), Torino, Paravia, 2009, pp. 310


B - N. Abbagnano, G. Fornero, La filosofia, vol. 2 (B), vol. 3 (A), Torino, Paravia, 2009, pp. 300


Modulo C - N. Abbagnano, G. Fornero, La filosofia, vol. 3 (B – C), Torino, Paravia, 2009, pp. 200


Modulo D - R. Descartes, Discorso sul metodo, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 201718, pp. 110


Please remember that in compliance with art 171 L22.04.1941, n. 633 and its amendments, it is illegal to copy entire books or journals, only 15% of their content can be copied.

For further information on sanctions and regulations concerning photocopying please refer to the regulations on copyright (Linee Guida sulla Gestione dei Diritti d’Autore) provided by AIDRO - Associazione Italiana per i Diritti di Riproduzione delle opere dell’ingegno (the Italian Association on Copyright).

All the books listed in the programs can be consulted in the Library.

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