SECS-P/08 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Palazzo delle Scienze - Corso Italia, 55 - Catania - Ufficio 23 - III Piano
Phone: 0957537631
Office Hours: Lun. e Merc. 12,00-13,30

Learning Objectives

General Objectives of teaching in terms of expected results of learning:

1. Knowledge and understanding: the Course on Human Resource Management aims to provide students with knowledge and abilities able to stimulate the necessary requirements allowing the management of behaviors within organizations.

2. Applying knowledge and understanding: formulation of policies aimed at improving the level of performance and commitment of people actively operating within organizations.

3. Making judgements: stimulate the autonomy of the judgement and the evaluation abilities with regard to the context wherein management policies and instruments need to be applied.

4. Communication skills: the Course is based on the use of a specific language that will be at the roots of the communication between the teacher and the students.

5. Learning skills: learning skills will be stimulated by the deep knowledge of the topics that will be treated during the course, which is the reason why both attending lectures and studying references and material is so important

Detailed Course Content

The aims of Human Resource Management is to introduce to the main issues of human behaviors and policieds in organizations. The following issues are the main contents of the course:

Textbook Information

1. Colquitt J.A., LePine J.A., Wesson M.J. “Organizational Behavior. Essentials for Improving Performance and Commitment”, McGraw Hill International Edition, 2017 (included in the pamphlet).

2. Dessler G. “Gestione delle risorse umane”, Pearson 2017 (included in the pamphlet)

3. Tosi H., Pilati M. “Comportamento organizzativo”, Egea 2017

4. Pamphlet assembled by the Instructor (available at the Department Library).

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