SECS-P/03 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: a.mignosa@unict.it
Office: Corso Italia 55 - 95129 - Catania - ITALIA - Piano IV stanza 13
Phone: +39 095 7537729
Office Hours: Martedì e giovedì 11.00-12.30 NB L'orario può subire modifiche durante il periodo delle lezioni, controllare la pagina docente.

Learning Objectives

To provide the knowledge toundertsnad and assess the spatial dimension of economic phenomena and public policies, with specific reference to the European and Italian political-institutional and economic setting (knowledge and understanding). Students will be able to use critically the knowledge acquired to analyse national and international processes and phenomena (Applying knowledge and understanding).

The course offers the tools to apply the knowledge acquired in regional econocis and policies to tackle new issues througn a multidisciplinary approach using critical skills. It also teach to use different sources of information to judge regional policies considering the social and ethic responsibilities of the actors involved (Making judgments).

Encourage students to express their personal opinion in front of a specialised and non specialised audience (Communication skills).

Stimulate students to study autonomously and communicate their knowledge clearly (Learning skills).

Course Structure

Lectures, group work, students' presentations.

Detailed Course Content

The course analyses the role of spatial dimension on development and provides a critical view on regional development policies, the tools used at various levels (EU, regional, local), the actors promoting them (local governemnt, EU institutions, technical agencies).

Topics: regions and regionalism development, intervention models, localisations, regional competition and development, differences in the localisation of activities, indicators to monitor and evaluate regional policies, EU regional policy, Sicilian cultural policy.

Textbook Information

  1. Roberta Capello, Economia regionale, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2015, II ed. (Solo i capitoli indicati)
  2. Riccardo Cappellin, Enrico Marelli, Enzo Rullani e Alessandro Sterlacchini: Crescita, investimenti e territorio: il ruolo delle politiche industriali e regionali, Website “Scienze Regionali” (www.rivistasr.it), eBook 2014. Download: www.economia.uniroma2.it/dedi/ebook-politiche-industriali; www.unibs.it/dipartimenti/economia-e-management/ricerca/pubblicazioni/ebook-crescitainvestimenti-territorio. (Solo i capitoli indicati)
  3. Additional readings providedare avilable on STUDIUM

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