ING-IND/16 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: giovanni.celano@unict.it
Office: Cittadella Universitaria, Edificio Polifunzionale, VI Piano, Stanza 31, Viale Andrea Doria 6, Catania.
Phone: 0957382423
Office Hours: Mercoledì ore 9.30-12.30 o per appuntamento

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the students should be able:

to use the commercial software Minitab® quality tools

Course Structure

Learning is based on theory classes and practice sessions. Practice sessions are scheduled once per week and consist of solving numerical problems/case studies.

Detailed Course Content

This course introduces students to quality management philosophies commonly used either in industry and service companies to monitor processes and their performance. Particular emphasis is given to statistical techniques for monitoring process stability and achieving continuous improvement.

Some selected exercises are solved by using Minitab

It is required to have good knowledge about i) the manufacturing systems classification and their performance metrics; ii) basic principles about the probability theory; iii) continuous (normal, exponential) and discrete (poisson) distributions.

Textbook Information

1. D.C. Montgomery, “Statistical Quality Control”, 6th edn or successive, Wiley. MAIN TEXT. The most widely used textbook about SQC in Universities teaching courses on Quality Engineering and in Companies implementing SQC tools.

2. C. Cochran, “ISO 9001: 2015 in plain English”, 2015, Paton Professional, ISBN: 978-1-932828-72-6. A recent guide to the implementation of the new ISO 9000: 2015.

3. K. Magnusson, D. Kroslid, B. Bergman, 2003, “Six Sigma: The Pragmatic Approach, Studentilitteratur, Sweden, ISBN: 9-789-144-028033. A professional text presenting the Six Sigma approach.

4. Q. Brook, “Lean Six Sigma & Minitab”, 4th edn., 2014, OPEX Resources Ltd, ISBN-13: 978-0954681388. A very good text for professional use of Minitab in a lean Six Sigma context.

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