IUS/21 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: biando@unict.it
Office: Palazzo Reburdone, via Vittorio Emanuele II, 8
Phone: 095/70305224
Office Hours: lunedì: 10,30-12,30; venerdì: 16-17,30

Detailed Course Content

In this course, the analysis of the main features of the contemporary constitutional legal orders (such as UK, USA, France, Germany) will be carried out in order to highlight the most important similarities and differences among them.

Textbook Information

1) P.CARROZZA-A.DI GIOVINE-G.F.FERRARI,Diritto costituzionale comparato, Tomo I, Laterza, 2014, pp.5-47; 76-106;108-145; 597-627

2) P.CARROZZA- A. DI GIOVINE - G.F. FERRARI, Diritto costituzionale comparato, Tomo II, Laterza, 2014, pp. 835-865; 952-976; 1056-1081; 1087-1133; 1137-1211.

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