INF/01 - 8 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

As suggested in the framework Partnership for 21st Century skills a collaborative approach to project-based learning is encouraged. Students will realize project using algorithms, techniques and digital tools presented during the course. The pedagogical approach, in accordance with the modern constructivist theories, will be based on learning by doing, and project-based learning. Reflections on the pedagogies will be shared with the students. According to the Bring Your Own Device approach, students will be encouraged to use mobile devices (Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone) during the lessons.

Learn to learn (European Commission), learn to do (UNESCO), interactive use of digital tool (OCED), acquire a digital literacy in information, media, and ICT (Partnership for 21st century skills), sharpen communication and collaboration skills using new technologies (ATC21s), develop an attitude to Problem Solving and to Computational Thinking (Wing, 2006).

Detailed Course Content

Module 1: Computational thinking (12H + applications along the whole course)


Sequential programming

Event programming

Rapid prototyping and visual block languages

Developing computational thinking using App Inventor

Module 2: The digital world (transversal along the course):

Internet, World Wide Web, search engines and bibliographic research

Communication tools in the digital era

Collaboration tools in the digital era

Websites: design, languages, and tools

Design and implementation of presentations: design techniques and tools

Information representation and management tools: computer architecture

Module 3: Database design and use (12H)

NO SQL database

Database design

Tips on dynamic web and database integrations

Digital marketing

Websites: design techniques and usability evaluation

Module 4: Data analysis (12H)

Spreadsheets: References, ranges, formula, and functions

Spreadsheet applications


Fusion table

Pivot tables and Pivot charts

Open data and their analysis using spreadsheets

Textbook Information

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