L-ANT/01 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Palazzo Ingrassia / via Biblioteca 4
Phone: 0952508066
Office Hours: martedì e venerdì, in presenza, ore 9:00-11:00

Learning Objectives

(1) to acknowledge the development of the earliest phases of the history of Sicily, before the beginning of the Greek colonization; to recognize the handicrafts dated to most important prehistoric phases of Sicily; (2) to know the most important prehistoric sites in their geographical and cultural context; (3) to develop thematic cultural trails relating to the most ancient Sicilian civilization.

Detailed Course Content

- Issues of terminology and brief presentation of the researches and theories related to the prehistory;
- Brief overview of the development of prehistoric and proto-historic Sicily;
- References to prehistoric and proto-historic develpoment in the Italian peninsula, with particular reference to the reconstruction of human activities;
- Settlements; territory; economy.
- The figurative arts during prehistoric times.
- The contacts between Sicily and the outside world (the Eastern Mediterranean - in particulare the Aegean - and Europe).

Textbook Information

1. S. Tusa, La Sicilia nella Preistoria, Sellerio, Palermo.


2. E. Giannichedda, Archeologia teorica, Carocci, Roma.


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