L-ANT/03 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: m.albana@unict.it
Office: Palazzo Ingrassia, I piano, stanza XV
Phone: 095 2508042
Office Hours: Martedì dalle 08:00 alle 10:00, Palazzo Ingrassia, I piano, stanza XV | Giovedì dalle 10:00 alle 12:00, Biblioteca, complesso edilizio "Le Verginelle"

Learning Objectives

To trace the history of educational institutions in the Roman age, through a diachronic perspective, aiming to show continuity and change, phases and growth rates in the educational system; to present the elements of derivation but also of the novelty and originality of Roman institutions compared to the corresponding Greek institutions; to highlight, through the analysis of the sources, the osmotic relationship that links the educational institutions not only to various aspects of social life, but also to the politics of certain emperors, whose regulatory interventions particularly affected educational policy

Detailed Course Content

Education and society, education and training in Roman society; institutional and environmental mediators in education: family, school, workshop, the paedagogium, the collegium, the gymnasium, military service; professional education and technical skills: the land surveyor, architect, geographer, physician, midwife, veterinarian, teacher, grammarian, rhetorician; aspects of school policy in the imperial age: establishment of state and municipal chairs; pay of the professores; education and training in domus Augusta

Textbook Information

- R. Frasca, Educazione e formazione a Roma. Storia, testi, immagini, Bari, Edizioni Dedalo 1996, pp. 11-546.

- M. Albana, Stato e istituzioni educative. Aspetti di politica scolastica in età imperiale, Catania, CULC 2000, pp 9-102.

- M. Albana, Alfabetismo e prospettive di carriera: qualche riflessione sui litterati milites, «Annali della Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione dell’Università di Catania» 9, 2010, pp. 3-15 (on line: http://ojs.unict.it/ojs/index.php/annali-sdf/article/view/97)

- M. Albana, Educazione e formazione nella domus Augusta «Annali della Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione dell’Università di Catania» 14, 2015, pp. 31-65 (on line: http://ojs.unict.it/ojs/index.php/annali-sdf/article/view/191)

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