M-PED/02 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: a.criscenti@unict.it
Office: Palazzo Ingrassia, Via Biblioteca, 4 - Catania
Phone: 095-2508031
Office Hours: lunedì 12-14; mercoledì, su appuntamento, 12-13; sede: Palazzo Ingrassia, stanza 4

Learning Objectives

The course aims to study the historical paths that lead to the so-called "discovery of Childhood": the attention-not always pedagogical-towards childhood as a new "productive social actor" in the phase of advanced industrialism. This examination will follow the analysis of the ways and times of "disappearance of childhood", caused by the way in which the training and care due has replaced, in the contemporary, the violation of the rights of this phase of human life

Detailed Course Content

The course will deepen issues related to the social history of childhood in the course of European civilisation and will investigate procedures and reasons that still link minority to marginality, discomfort and in many cases to deviance. It will also take into consideration the constitutional principles of juvenile criminal justice in Italy, in the new perspective of legal pedagogy.

Textbook Information

Parte generale: L’infanzia, l’educazione, la responsabilità sociale

A. Criscenti, Progettare la formazione per i minori. Saggio di pedagogia critica, CUECM, Catania 2010 (pp 185 cc)

Parte Speciale: I minori fra devianza, sanzioni e intervento formativo: modelii storici e processi di formazione contemporanea

S. Lentini, L’educazione in carcere. Profili storico-pedagogici della pena, Fondazione Nazionale Vito Fazio- Allmayer, Palermo, 2012 (pp. 150 cc)
R. Raimondo, Discoli incorreggibili. Indagine storico-educativa sulle origini delle case di correzione in Italia e in Inghilterra, Franco Angeli, Milano 2015 (pp.150 cc)

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